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different sex toys - Sexy-Fantasy
different sex toys - Sexy-Fantasy
different sex toys - Sexy-Fantasy
different sex toys - Sexy-Fantasy
different sex toys - Sexy-Fantasy

male sexs toys

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Sexy Fantasy Limited is a professional company that produces silicone sex toys and related products, with complete testing facilities and strong technical strength. There are a wide variety, excellent quality, reasonable prices, and fashionable designs. Our product has been widely recognized and trusted by users, and can meet the constantly changing economic and social needs.

Quality is our culture! Our main products include silicone sex toy,male sex toys,Inflatable Dildos,Egg Vibrator,Masturbation Cup,Sex Dolls,clitoral vibrators,lingerie,sex essentials,Sex gifts,male sex toys, etc. With high-quality products, our main markets are the United States and the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. The cleanliness and tidiness of the workshop are crucial for producing good products. Precision machining and 100% inspection ensure high quality. All of our products have passed certifications such as LFGB, RoHS, FDA, etc.

Product name male sexs toys
Place of Origin China
Product Type
Adult products
OEM Support
Quality warranty
12 months
Brand Name
Sexy Fantasy
Low noise,Easy carry
Packing Size(cm)
22*20*17 (Specific consultation with us)
Built-in Rechargeable battery
Export region
Export countries
Dominica,Navassa Island,Faroe Islands,Cocos (Keeling) Islands,Norway...etc
Charge Time
90 Min
Material certification
High-level silicone
After-sales Service
24/7 support
Strong motor 
Packaging Details
Color box packing
5 (Consultation and negotiation)
Lead time (days)
7-15 (To be negotiated)
Supply Ability
20000 Piece/Pieces per Month (See specific model products)
 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

There are also some precautions when using male sexs toys.

Firstly, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the equipment to avoid causing unsafe or uncomfortable situations.
Secondly, it is important to pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses.
In addition, choosing the appropriate equipment for oneself is also important, determined based on individual sexual preferences and personalized needs.
The most important thing is that the use of sex toys should be voluntary, not forced. Using sex toys should be a pleasant experience, not a burden or pressure.

Controlled via the device itself, a wireless remote, or an app for convenience. Made from high-quality ABS and silicone for durability and a comfortable experience. The compact design ensures discretion and ease of use.


Read the manual carefully before use.
Charge the product before first use.
Only for adult use; keep out of reach of children.
Clean the product after each use with mild soap and water,
and do not use corrosive cleaners.


The device contains a lithium polymer battery. Do not disassemble or expose to excessive heat as this may damage the product.
Avoid use in overly humid environments and do not submerge in water.
If the device no longer holds a charge, do not dispose of it in general household waste. Follow local regulations for battery disposal.

male sexs toys---FAQs Guide

1.What charging method is used for your company's male sexs toys products?

We focus on teamwork and communication to achieve common goals, We attach great importance to this detail. Our company uses USB charging for our sex toy products.

2.Does male sexs toys have automatic charging function?

We have a first -class management team, and we pay attention to teamwork to achieve common goals. Some sex toys do have automatic charging functions, while others require manual charging through a USB cable or battery replacement. It depends on the specific toy and its design. It is important to read the instructions and specifications of the toy before purchasing to determine if it has an automatic charging function.

3.About male sexs toys,will I be notified when my order ships?

After placing the order, you will receive an email confirming the order. We need time to prepare the order, and then You will get the tracking number in the email in three days. With our tracking number, you can track through the link: https://sexy-fantasy.com/apps/17TRACK. If your order has multiple items, we will calculate it based on the combined weight, so that the shipping cost of each item will be cheaper.

4.Does your company's male sexs toys have detachable parts?

We are committed to providing personalized solutions and established long -term strategic cooperative relationships with customers. No, our company's sex toy does not have detachable parts.

Does your company's male sexs toys have detachable parts?

5.About male sexs toys,How soon can you ship out?

Normally, we will send out your tracking number within 3-5 days

6.Can your male sexs toys products be connected to other devices?

We continue to improve male sexs toys products and processes to improve efficiency. Some sex toy products have the capability to be connected to other devices, such as smartphones or other sex toys, through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. This allows for remote control or syncing with other devices for a more interactive experience. However, not all sex toy products have this capability and it is important to check the product specifications before purchasing.

7.As a male sexs toys supplier,Whether you accept OEM or not?

Yes, we accept OEM. We are a manufacturer with over ten years of experience.

8.Does your male sexs toys have voice control function?

We maintain a certain amount of R&D investment every year and continuously improve operational efficiency to provide better services to our cooperative customers. No, my sex toy does not have voice control function.

Does your male sexs toys have voice control function?

9.About male sexs toys,how much does is cost to ship to my country?

The freight depends on your quantity and your destination,freight cost depend on the total weight, We will help to calculate the exactly freight when you decided your order.

10.What are the different vibration modes of male sexs toys?

We continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge to adapt to changing male sexs toys market needs.
1. Constant Vibration: This is the most basic and common vibration mode found in sex toys. It provides a steady and consistent vibration intensity.
2. Pulsating Vibration: This mode creates a pulsing sensation, where the vibration intensity alternates between high and low in a rhythmic pattern.
3. Escalating Vibration: This mode starts with a low intensity and gradually increases to a higher intensity, mimicking the sensation of building arousal.
4. Wave Vibration: This mode creates a wave-like motion, where the vibration intensity rises and falls in a wave pattern.
5. Random Vibration: This mode provides unpredictable and random patterns of vibration, adding an element of surprise and excitement.
6. Tease Vibration: This mode combines different vibration patterns and intensities to create a teasing sensation, keeping the user on the edge of orgasm.
7. Throbbing Vibration: This mode creates a pulsing sensation, similar to a heartbeat, which can be very stimulating for some users.
8. Rollercoaster Vibration: This mode combines different vibration patterns and intensities in a rollercoaster-like motion, providing a unique and intense sensation.
9. Rumbling Vibration: This mode produces a deep, low-frequency vibration that can penetrate deeper into the body for a more intense sensation.
10. Dual Vibration: This mode allows for two different areas of the sex toy to vibrate at the same time, providing simultaneous stimulation for a more intense experience.

11.Has your company's male sexs toys obtained relevant certification?

As a company specializing in sex toys, we place a high emphasis on quality and safety. Our products have indeed obtained relevant certifications(FDA, LFGB, RoHS.) to ensure they meet industry standards and provide our customers with assurance regarding their safety and quality.

12.About male sexs toys,may I print our logo on product & packaging?

Yes, We would like to provide OEM & ODM service.

About male sexs toys,may I print our logo on product & packaging?

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Infused with over 10 years of experience and pedigree, the Sexy-Fantasy is a well-rounded

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    Frequently asked questions

Can you ship to my country?

We can ship to all countries except for countries where the import of adult products is prohibited. If you find that checkout at your address is unsuccessful, please contact us online or by email in time, and we will arrange shipping individually.

Will I be notified when my order ships?

You will receive an email confirming the order. We need time to prepare the order, and then You will get the tracking number in the email in three days. After we input the tracking number, you can track your shipping status of your goods in our website anytime.

Refund and replacement?

Adult products are very special and cannot be returned. But if there is any quality problem, we can replace it with a new one within one year.

Will a subscription get a discount?

Feel free to subscribe, then we will send you back with a discount coupon.

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