ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy
ERO Massage Stick - Sexy-Fantasy

ERO Massage Stick


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This Massage Stick offers 5 adjustable speeds and 8 frequency modes, so you can find the perfect massage setting to relax sore muscles. It is USB magnetic charging and is coated with a full rubber coating process to ensure durable use. Plus, it is waterproof at 7 levels, so you can easily use it in the shower.



Use Case

This product is suitable for human body surface massage, such as joint,

cervical vertebra, lumbar spine massage, can effectively promote blood

circulation, relieve fatigue

Package Include:

1 x Massage stick     1 x User Manual   1 x   USB Cable

Instructions for use & Maintenance

  1. Thankyoufor purchasing, please read this manual carefully before use. 
  2. Please charging the electric massager rightly first.
  3. Thisproductprohibits the use of minors who were under the age of 18. 
  4. Make sure the electric massager is waterproof.

How to charging

This product adopts DC Magnetic suction charging port and charging via USB cable. 

Input voltage: 5 V

Input current: 300ma

Please use the correct charger (Same specifications) for charging. The incorrect charger will affect battery life and cause product damage.

How to use

Long press “Power switch”3 seconds to Turn-on / Enter standby status;

Short press “Power switch” to change Frequency mode, 8 frequency mode available;

In standby status, long press “Power switch”3 seconds to Turn-off;

Under working condition, click "Strengthening key" to increase the vibration. There are 5 an in total

Under working condiƟon, click "Damping key" to reduce the vibration. There are 5 an in total


  1. The product built-in polymer lithium battery, please don't disassemble item that may cause damage to the product.
  2. Makesure the electric massager is clean and dry after use, and keep it away from children.
  3. Please don't throw away the battery once the product is no longer used.

Infused with over 10 years of experience and pedigree, the Sexy-Fantasy is a well-rounded

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